Mangalam Research Center’s Vision

The vision of Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages (MRC) is to create a body of knowledge that facilitates the translation and transmission of the Tibetan Buddhist written tradition and classical languages into English.

MRC has developed 3 core strategies to accomplish this vision (Expand each to view):

Research into the terminology of the Buddhist tradition, classical languages and translation.
Training scholars in terminological research, the history of Buddhist thought and the science and art of translation to the West.
Developing resources to facilitate the transmission of the Dharma to the West.

 Jack Petranker, MRC’s Director, explains our Vision:

Transmission to the West

In addition to BTW, MRC is committed to sharing its work in other ways. We will soon publish an online journal and create a Mangalam Imprint for publication of monographs and other works in cooperation with Dharma Publishing, which has its own printing and binding capacities and a 40-year history as a Buddhist publisher.