Related Organizations

Mangalam Buddhist Research Center traces its roots to India in 1962, when exiled Tibetan lama Tarthang Tulku, trained by some of the most renowned masters of the Tibetan Buddhist lineage, founded Dharma Mudranalaya to print texts in the Tibetan language. In 1968, Tarthang Tulku relocated to America and founded the Tibetan Nyingma Meditation Center (TNMC), a Buddhist church, and re-established Dharma Mudranalaya. Since that time, he has founded dozens of other organizations and projects worldwide.

Dharma Publishing

Dharma Publishing has produced more than 20 Buddhist translations and over 100 titles in English. These titles in turn have been translated into 18 different languages.

In 1981, Dharma Publishing produced the Nyingma Edition of the Tibetan Buddhist Canon in 120 volumes; in 1983, an eight volume Research Catalog and Bibliography of the Canon was published. In 1991, Great Treasures of Ancient Teachings, the first-ever compilation of works of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism, was published in 627 atlas-sized volumes.

Nyingma Institute

In 1972, the Nyingma Institute was established in Berkeley. The Institute has offered classes and programs designed to introduce Buddhism to the Western world to well over 100,000 people.

Yeshe De Text Preservation Project

In 1989, the Yeshe De Text Preservation Project, a sister organization of Dharma Publishing, began distributing typeset Tibetan texts to Tibetan schools of higher education in exile, temples, and practitioners. 

Mangalam Center

Mangalam Buddhist Research Center operates in the heart of downtown Berkeley, California as part of Mangalam Center, which is home to a variety of organizations.

Center for Creative Inquiry

The Center for Creative Inquiry explores new ways of knowing that draw on the Creative forces of Western culture and on experiential dimensions of knowledge that transcend cultural differences. It is also headquartered at Mangalam Center.

Ratna Ling Retreat Center

Grounded in the Tibetan Buddhist wisdom traditions of meditation, yoga, and spirituality, Ratna Ling truly supports the healing and wellness of body and mind.

Odiyan Retreat Center

Venerable Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche is the founder and creator of the Copper Mountain Mandala, Odiyan Retreat Center. A celebration of the human potential that belongs to us all, a home for the Dharma in the West, the traditional temples and libraries of Odiyan restore and preserve the ancient symbols, rare sacred texts and art that connect the heart and mind to the Path of Awakening.

Other Related Organizations


The Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International supports the restoration of Buddhism in India.

Dharma College

Dharma College is dedicated to exploring and disseminating the most liberating knowledge and values of Eastern and Western scholarship for the use and benefit of all beings.

Guna Foundation

The Guna Foundation is a documentary film studio that makes films about Buddhist civilization and Buddhist culture.

Tibetan Aid Project

TAP supports production and distribution of religious texts and art to Tibetans in India, as well as religious ceremonies at Tibetan monasteries in India and Nepal.

Nyingma Trust

Nyingma Trust offers support for the Nyingma Buddhist community in the West to sustain our community of Dharma practitioners, protecting their health & safety, and to support & honor their commitment to focus on the vision of Tarthang Rinpoche and the Nyingma lineage.

Prayer Flag Project

The Prayer Flag Project creates prayer flags for religious centers and for the general public.

Nyingma Zentrum Deutschland (Germany)

Im Nyingma Zentrum können Sie Yoga und Meditation lernen und üben. Wenn Sie sich für Buddhismus interessieren, sind Sie bei uns auch an der richtigen Stelle. In unseren schönen Räumen bieten wir Offene Stunden zu Yoga und Meditation sowie Kurse, Workshops und Retreats zu verschiedenen Studienbereichen an.

Nyingma Centrum Nederland (Holland)

Nyingma Centrum Nederland is georganiseerd als een mandala ; een dynamisch model van onderlinge interactie, samenwerking en inspiratie. Lees meer over de onderdelen bij Nyingma Nederland.

Instituto Nyingma Do Rio De Janeiro (Rio)

O Instituto Nyingma do Rio de Janeiro, a exemplo do de Berkeley, que coordena todos os Institutos Nyingma no Ocidente desempenha um papel principal na preservação da arte sagrada, dos livros e práticas do Budismo Tibetano.

Centro Nyingma Do Brasil (Sao Paolo)

O Instituto Nyingma foi o primeiro centro a trazer para o Brasil os ensinamentos Nyingma do Budismo Tibetano. A palavra Nyingma significa “o mais antigo” e refere-se à primeira das quatro linhagens do Budismo que foram desenvolvidas no Tibet. Plantando a semente do Kum Nye – a yoga tibetana – o Instituto desabrochou nesses 20 anos em uma flor de muitas pétalas, um campo de atividade criativa que espelha o caminho da transmissão do Dharma, os ensinamentos do Buddha. Nessas duas décadas tem recebido reconhecimento pela qualidade de seus programas.