As an extension of Mangalam Centers, MRC conducts ongoing research into the terminology of the Buddhist written tradition in canonical languages and in translation. Our programs, classes, and studies are designed to trace issues related to key Dharma terminology in Sanskrit, Pāli, Gāndhārī, Tibetan, and Chinese, and to encourage work in the field of translation studies and the intellectual and historical resources of the West.


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The Post-Baccalaureate Program in Buddhist Languages and Translation Studies is approved by the California BPPE.

  • Program starts June 27, 2016!

The Buddhist Translators Workbench (BTW) software has been refined to create a new tool, the Meaning Mapper.

The Meaning Mapper can be used to assist with the study of any word in virtually any language and context and will be available to anyone at no cost. Visit the new BTW website to learn more and follow our progress.

An MRC Symposium is featured in Tricycle Magazine and

Mangalam Research Center hosted a Symposium entitled ‘Buddhism & Modernity: Conversations at the Edge’ on June 7, 2015. There was an invitation only post-conference workshop included which was followed by an open to the public panel discussion on the topic, ‘Beyond Mindfulness’. The following articles discussed the success and value of the Symposium.

  • Buddhism and Modernity: Conversations at the Edge’ Symposium is featured in Gary Gach’s article. June 20, 2015
  • ‘Buddhism & Modernity: Conversations at the Edge’ Symposium is featured in Tricyle Magazine’s blog. June 12, 2015

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In addition to the Post-bac Program, the Mandala Training Program (MTP) of the Nyingma Mandala of Organizations will launch in August. The MTP was formerly a volunteer program for the Downtown Centers. Through redesign of purpose and focus on community, this 6 month residential work-study program adds dharma study and practice along with many other benefits for participants.

Mandala Training Program
A 6-month residential work-study program

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