Sanskrit Spring 2014

April 24, 2014 – June 12, 2014 Thursdays, 6:00 – 8:00 PM in Downtown Berkeley Sanskrit – Spring 2014   Course description: The course is organized to accommodate both ambitious beginners and more advanced readers. Classes will be held on Thursdays from 6:00-8:00 p.m., beginning on April 17th, 2014 and ending on June 5th, 2014.

NEH Summer Seminar

NEH Summer Seminar 2013 Understanding Buddhism through its Classic Texts Berkeley, CA  •  July 8 – August 2 download this page as a print-friendly PDF This seminar is designed to give you insight into the heart of Buddhist culture—its ways of knowing, forms of practice, and world view—and to help you take full advantage of

Madhyamaka Symposium Resources

Madhyamaka Symposium Resources Ames Prajnapradipa Tibetan and English Ames Bhavaviveka Prajnapradipa Translation Extracts_1999 De Jong: Cinq Chapitres De La Prasannapada De Jong Textcritical Notes_PP_1 De Jong_Textcritical Notes on PP_2 Frauwallner Excerpts on MMK from Philosophy of Buddhism Frauwallner: Die Philosophie Des Buddhismus Garfield: Nagarjuna and the Limits of Thought Garfield: Nagarjunas MMK Chapter 24 Garfield

Programs in Madhyamaka Studies

August 3-9, 2012 Madhyamaka Studies  Seminar and Symposium Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages in Berkeley will host two related programs in the field of Madhyamaka studies, August 3-9, 2012. Consistent with MRC’s mission, the programs will focus on issues of language, philology, and translation. MRC invites academics and advanced graduate students with an interest

Sanskrit Classes – Spring 2012

Classes in Sanskrit – Spring 2012 The Manglam Research Center offers several Sanskrit courses for students at all levels of experience. MRC Sanskrit courses are designed to allow students to progress steadily in their studies while holding full-time jobs. Whether you are a linguist, a yoga teacher, or a student of Buddhism, MRC offers courses

Classes in Language and Philosophy – Winter 2012

Classes in Language and Philosophy – Winter 2012 The Accountable Self: Bringing Buddhist Teachings into Modern Discourse Monday evenings, 7:00-9:00 PM, February 13-March 19 (6 weeks). $110 Instructor, Jack Petranker One of the defining teachings in Buddhism is that the self has no substantial existence. Yet our sense of being a self is almost inescapable.