Buddhist Translators Workbench (BTW)


The Buddhist Translators Workbench (BTW) was originally created as a tool to assist translators and scholars of the classical languages of Buddhist literature. In its current form, it consists of an editor for creating lexicographic entries for a number of words that have been considered problematic by translators of Buddhist Sanskrit texts. While our research on the usage of Sanskrit in Buddhist literature continues, we are now integrating BTW with a new tool, the Meaning Mapper, that can be used beyond the field of Indological and Buddhist studies. The Meaning Mapper will be able to assist with the study of any word in virtually any language and context.

Using the options below, you can view the project contributors and advisory board or click the button to go directly to the BTW website.

  • Luis Gómez, Ph.D., Project Co-Director
  • Ligeia Lugli, Ph.D., Project Co-Director
  • Louis-Dominique Dubeau, Ph.D., Technology Director
  • Jack Petranker, M.A, J.D, Project Coordinator
  • Siglinde Dietz, Ph.D., Senior Editor
  • Roberto García, Ph.D., Contributing Senior Researcher
  • Giacomo Benedetti, Ph.D., Contributing Senior Researcher
  • Bennett Buchanan, B.A., Project Assistant
  • Alexandra Ciolac, B.A., Research Assistant

Advisory Board
  • Jonathan Gold, Associate Professor of Religion at Princeton University.
  • Christian Kay, Emeritus Professor of English Language and Honorary Professorial Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow.
  • Kurt Keutzer, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley.
  • Karen Lang, Professor of Religious Studies and Director of the Center for South Asian Studies at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville.
  • Jan Nattier, Emeritus Professor of Buddhist Studies, Indiana University.


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