Programs and Classes

Since its founding in 2009, MRC has offered a variety of programs, including the following:

  • Intensive summer seminars for scholars and graduate students working with Sanskrit, Tibetan, Pāli, and Chinese texts, typically focused on a specific text.
  • Courses in Sanskrit, research methodology, and Buddhist discourse. 
  • Symposia that bring together scholars in a leading field of study, such as Madhyamaka or Abhidharma, to discuss terminological issues and establish programs for future study.
  • Conferences that address issues of fundamental concern in the field of Buddhist translation studies.
  • Workshops on specific topics and themes.
  • Lectures and panel discussions open to the public.

Scholars who have attended symposia at MRC have also given talks in the Mangalam Temple, a beautiful space that can seat close to 200 people. The city of Berkeley, an international center for study well-known for its openness to new ideas, is the ideal setting for such programs to unfold.

Current Programs

Past Programs