Symposium on Abhidharma Terminology

March 10-13, 2011

This four-day event brought together leading scholars to discuss current issues in Abhidharma studies, with a special focus on questions of terminology, and to seek their guidance on how to proceed as MRC develops a database and other tools for research.

Symposium on Abhidharma Terminology

This Symposium was by invitation only, but a panel presentation open to the public was held on March 11.

Videos of the public panel presentation may be viewed by clicking here.

 Symposium Participants:

Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi, Stefan Baums, Ph.D., Collett Cox, Ph.D., Siglinde Dietz, Dr. Phil., Rupert Gethin, Ph.D., Luis Gómez, Ph.D., Michael Hahn, Ph.D., D. Litt., Shoryu Katsura, Ph.D., David Mellins, Ph.D., Alex von Rospatt, Ph.D.

Symposium Schedule:

Thursday, March 10

 2:00-4:30                 Introductory session:   Jack Petranker, Luis Gómez , Michael Hahn

Keynote presentations by Collet Cox and Rupert Gethin

Friday, March 11

 9:00-10:30               Stefan Baums    Lexicographic issues and the Buddhist Translators Workbench Proposal   

11:00-12:30              Bhikkhu Bodhi    Nikayas and the Abhidhamma        

2:00-3:30                   Rupert Gethin   Mind and mental events                  

4:30-6:30                   Public Event:   Panel Discussion: Experience vs. Theory as the Basis for Buddhist Abhidharma

 6:30                              Reception

Saturday, March 12

9:00-10:30               Geshe Lozang Jamspal   Sanskrit terms/Tibetan equivalents  

11:00-12:30             Collett Cox   Terminological Refraction

         Shoryu Katsura   From Abhidharma to Dharmakīrti – with special reference to the concept of svabhāva

2:00-3:30                  Siglinde Dietz   Abhidharma terms in the Turfan Finds  

         Luis Gómez   Abhidharma as a Lexicographic source in Sūtra reading       

4:00-5:30                 Michael Hahn   Abhidharma terms as used and popularized in the older strata of Buddhist narrative literature and plays

Sunday, March 13

9:00-10:30               Alex von Rospatt   Comparison of a difficult passage in two related texts

 11:00-12:30            Closing Session