Buddhist Translators Workbench (BTW)

The Buddhist Translators Workbench (BTW) is an integrated suite of open-source tools for translators of Buddhist texts with the ability to gather data on source texts and translations across cultures and across time. It supports both real-time and off-line collaboration by creating digital footnotes that preserve and inspire new research. It also addresses software development needs, including creation of language agnostic searches, proximity searches, and computer recognition of word clusters (Tibetan) and individual words (Sanskrit).

  • The Meaning Mapper is an exciting new developmental work of the BTW that can be used to assist with the study of any word in virtually any language and context and will be available to anyone at no cost. Visit our development page to learn more about the Meaning Mapper.

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Mangalam Research Center has been host to various seminars, symposiums, panel discussions and talks throughout our history and will continue to provide opportunities for conversation about Buddhist Studies to fulfill the vision of research, translation and ultimately transmission of Dharma to the West.

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