Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the summer language intensives have been cancelled for the year 2020. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please stay healthy.

The Imagination and Imaginal Worlds in Buddhism

Our world is facing unprecedented ecological and social challenges. In Buddhism, as in other religions, imaginal worlds—worlds deliberately accessed through the imagination—are primary sources for personal healing, inspiration, and insight, as well as for social, cultural, and political transformation. This Institute invites scholars to reflect on the critical roles our imaginations play in creating (and potentially) transforming our world by examining how these worlds are deployed in Buddhist literature, ritual, meditation, and art; Buddhist philosophical theories on the creative dynamic between mind, action, and world; and contemporary theories on the imagination (from philosophy, psychology, cognitive science, anthropology, and religious studies).

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Program Dates

Dates: Rescheduled to Summer 2021
Location: Mangalam Research Center
Stipend: $2,100