Post-Bac Program

Post-Baccalaureate Program in Buddhist Languages and Translation Studies
What is the Post-Bac Program?
Sustained graduate work in Buddhist studies or related fields invariably requires good familiarity with at least one canonical language. Yet many students interested in graduate school have not had the opportunity to do such study.

The Post-baccalaureate Program in Buddhist Languages and Translation Studies (PBL)* has been created to remedy this gap, while introducing themes and topics that will be of great help as students continue with their graduate work. Modeled on successful programs in classics, it is the first such program in the field of Buddhist Studies.

The PBL is a 12-month program that focuses on four core areas:

  • Buddhist Language Intensive offered during the summer at the start of each cohort (can also be completed independently)
  • Buddhist Studies and Translation Methods
  • Classical Sanskrit or Classical Tibetan Language Courses (Intermediate Level)
  • Post Baccalaureate Seminar

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Who Should Apply?
The program is designed for students who wish to pursue graduate-level studies in Buddhism or cognate fields such as Religious Studies, South Asian Studies, or Tibetan Studies, but who lack the necessary training in canonical Buddhist languages to be admitted into a doctoral program.  However, anyone with the educational background and interest in Buddhist languages is welcome to apply.

What classes will be offered?

The PBL is comprised of classes from the following core areas*:

  • Buddhist Language (26 credits)
  • Buddhist Studies (6 credits)
  • Post-Baccalaureate Seminar (4 credits)

*Participants must complete the equivalent of 36 semester credits to graduate.

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Who are the instructors?
The core faculty of the PBL consists of seasoned Buddhist studies lecturers and Mangalam Research Center’s postdoctoral fellows, with several visits each year by distinguished scholars.

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How much does the PBL program cost?
Tuition for the twelve-month Post Baccalaureate Program (PBL) is $12,000. If you’ve acquired first-year competency of the required languages, the total program cost is $10,000. A partial tuition waiver is also available in select cases.

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How do I apply for the program?
The application for the PBL can be accessed and submitted online, 24 hours a day. After submission, your application will be forwarded to our admissions committee for review, along with all other documentation required to make a determination about your status. You will receive specific instructions about the registration process after approval of admission.

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Where will classes be held?
All courses in the PBL Program are taught at Mangalam Research Center, in the heart of downtown Berkeley, California.

We do not presently offer any classes online.

Can International Students be admitted into the PBL?
All persons who are interested in the PBL and who meet the admissions criteria are welcome to apply. However, we do not issue certificates for student visas to international students for any programs of study at MRC.

Qualifications for visas and waivers may be interpreted differently, depending on the embassy. Granting approval is at each embassy’s discretion, therefore, we cannot advise you on the appropriate visa type or if you are eligible. Please contact your embassy for details.

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If you have questions about the PBL that were not answered through the FAQ, Contact Us.