Contributing Senior Researcher

The Buddhist Translators Workbench Project at the Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages (MRC) in Berkeley, California, has openings for senior researchers to contribute to the creation of Sanskrit lexical entries.

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Job Description
Senior Researchers are expected to create lexicographic entries for selected Sanskrit words on the basis of citations collected from a pre-defined corpus of twenty Buddhist Sanskrit texts. The lexicographic tasks include identifying and distinguishing the various senses for each headword, selecting the most representative citations for each sense and translating them into English, as well as exploring semantic relationships between the headword and other Sanskrit words. Researchers will be trained to assign citations to the relevant semantic fields as identified in the Historical Thesaurus of English.
Compensation and Workload
Hourly compensation is $25 US. The minimum time commitment is 12 hours a week. After an initial trial period of 30 days, successful candidates will be offered renewable yearly contracts, renewable by mutual consent. Different compensation arrangements will be made for those wishing to be considered for a full-time, in-residence position.
Applicants should have a graduate degree, preferably in Indology, Buddhology or a related field, or have expertise in another field relevant to the project (linguistics, lexicography, or the like), be fluent in English and demonstrate excellent command of Sanskrit and basic understanding of linguistics and lexicography.
Application Instructions
All applications should include a statement of interest and purpose, a CV and 2 reference letters, sent separately by the references. Interviews via Skype will be arranged with selected candidates. Please indicate which position you are applying for, and familiarize yourself with the BTW website before applying.

If this position is not currently available, you may still complete an application for future consideration.

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