Buddhist Practice and Scientific Research: Ways of Knowing in Dialogue

Free Public Panel Discussion Can neuroscience, psychology, and related disciplines demonstrate the value of meditation? In light of scientific research on the effects of mindfulness, how should traditional practices be adopted into new contexts? Buddhist teachers, meditators, and scientists now regularly interact at conferences and in the laboratory, but basic questions remain. Has the emerging

Summer Institute Executive Summary

Putting the Buddhism/Science Dialogue on a New Footing: Executive Summary While the dialogue between Buddhism and science—especially mind sciences—continues to expand, its reigning assumptions narrow its potential for forging new ways to investigate questions of experience, meaning, and human values. This proposed Institute aims to develop this untapped potential. Transdisciplinary at its core, our Institute

Summer Institute on Buddhism and Science

[su_row][su_column size=”2/3″] ANNOUNCEMENT: SUMMER INSTITUTE ON BUDDHISM AND SCIENCE JULY 17-26 The Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages is pleased to announce a summer institute on the theme Putting the Buddhism/Science Dialogue on a New Footing. Funded through a generous grant from the John Templeton Foundation, the program will be held from July 17-26, 2017

Hiring an assistant for summer Institute

Seeking an Administrative Assistant for Buddhism/Science Summer Institute – POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED Date posted: 4/12/17 Position Type: Part-time, temporary Salary: $20/hour We are looking for a responsible Administrative Assistant to perform a variety of administrative and clerical tasks to help prepare and run our Buddhism/Science Institute in July. Duties of the Administrative Assistant include