Cost of the Program

Tuition for the twelve-month Post Baccalaureate Program (PBL) is $12,000. Students who have completed first-year Sanskrit or Tibetan Languages and demonstrate the appropriate competency may not need to enroll in the summer language intensive. Their tuition costs for the two-semester program will be $10,000. Additional fees may apply.

Program Cost Duration
Post Baccalaureate Program $12,000.00 USD 12 Months
Buddhist Language Intensive (Summer) $2,600.00 USD 2 Months
Partial tuition waivers may be available for select cases.


MRC does not provide housing for its students and has no dormitory facilities under its control. It assumes no responsibility to assist students in finding housing. Apartments and rooms for rent are located throughout Berkeley and other nearby communities, all of which are easily accessible by public transport.

While housing is the responsibility of the student, the following resources may be helpful for exploring nearby housing options:

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